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Welcome to IT Apprenticeship
It plays a central part of our lives. It’s a sector that’s growing all the time, and ICT skills are becoming more important in every area of the job market. So why not make an innovative, exciting and logical step by starting an apprenticeship in IT.

IT is becoming increasingly important within most businesses and, ultimately, most job roles. An Apprenticeship in IT could lead you into many sectors as a wide variety of companies require people with strong IT skills.

You're likely to be involved in producing reports, spreadsheets and databases, IT security and maintenance, intranets and extranets, and troubleshooting.

The IT sector can be divided into two categories: the companies that provide IT solutions – such as software consultants and web developers – and those that use IT in some form within their business (pretty much everyone else!).

An apprenticeship in IT and Telecoms covers work in a broad range of digital technologies that help us use and share information, such as mobile phones, computers, broadband provision, and satellite communications. IT and telecoms jobs are no longer just about the technology. All jobs now require you to have good people skills as well as the technical skills you’ll gain during your apprenticeship.

While on the other side, an apprenticeship for IT Users, will help you develop the skills you need for your job – whether that be teaching someone in finance to process account details more efficiently; helping stock controllers keep track of merchandise; or helping a secretary set up an online company diary.

And once you’ve successful completed the advanced apprenticeship in IT, you can pick up more complex technical skills by entering a higher apprenticeship to become an IT professional.

IT is an incredibly fast-thinking, revolutionary industry and if you blink, you’ll miss it!

Obviously you need to enjoy working with computers and software and you must be able to explain complex procedures relatively simply, so you don’t bamboozle a client your trying to help.

You will learn so many new skills and tricks to do with computers so you need to be able to pick those up quickly. While thinking about, and being interested in new ideas is all part of the job.

Your mates are seriously going to love you if you’re the person who can help them when their ipod stops working or their laptop crashes

As a Telecoms apprentices, you will learn things like customer care, system security, managing software development, and basic IT applications. While an apprentice in IT Users, you’ll learn how to operate computers and databases, as well as how to use and maintain IT systems and networks.

After completing a higher apprenticeship, you could qualify for a range of professional job roles and be in a good position for progression into managerial or team leader roles. Or if you fancy entering the industry before you reach this stage, you can find yourself in a career as a IT Technician, product specialist or a junior developer.

The basic level framework, England and Wales follows consists of ; a competence based element, knowledge based element, Key Skills and Employment right and Responsibilities exam. While in Scotland, the framework includes; S/NVQ, Core Skills and Optional outcomes.

Once qualified you can expect a starting salary of £12-£15k, while an IT professional who’s qualified from a higher apprenticeship will start from £14k-£17k. The demand for ICT has never been greater, so developing your skills in this area is one of the best career moves you could make.

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Apprenticeship Recruitment
Apprenticeship Recruitment
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Apprenticeship Recruitment
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